Tips For Selling

  1. PRESENTATION, PRESENTATION AND PRESENTATION!!! Give the house a good de clutter, there are plenty of resources to selling unused items, - Garage sales, online sales sites (ebay, gumtree etc.), donate to a local charity, or perhaps possibly it is just time to throw it out in the bin.
  2. Don't forget outside, pressure wash decks and driveways. A fresh stack of mulch in the garden can do wonders, as well as simply replacing a tired letterbox. 
  3. Be realistic when it comes to pricing. Different home appraisers and real estate agents can have varying opinions on the "value" of a property, remember there is some subjectivity along with objectivity. More importantly be wary when choosing an agent to sell your home, some ‘high ball’ it. Giving you an unreasonable figure to secure your property listing, then talking you down to any price to sell it. (I cannot stress this point enough)
  4. Marketing is so important, advertise your property on the main listing websites, being the age of the internet most people look online. However don't forget the minimums like a For Sale Board, and if budget permits some print media is always recommended.
  5. De-personalise your house - buyers like to picture what it would be like to be in their potential new home. So ditch the family photos and such (you need to pack them up eventually to move anyway, may as well do it now)