Tips for Buying

  1. Do your research.  There are many online resources that will let you see previous sales, median values.  
  2. Work out your budget. Have you spoken to a bank or broker, if not a pre-approval at the minimum a feasibilty with your current circumstance (income vs lifestyle). There is no point falling in love with a property to find out that you just cannot afford it.
  3. Be clear on what you need. Proximity to schools, access to public transport, shopping and entertainment hubs, proximity to work (how long will it take by car or public transport)  - all of these rank differently to each person depending on your circumstance
  4. Consider neighbouring suburbs. The next suburb over could be more affordable, sometimes a short drive can also mean an upgrade in house / land.
  5. Talk to the experts. Being in the industry, most agents live and breathe real estate and are more than happy to help.